~Stela & Ognjen~

Let’s get one thing straight. These guys love each others company so much it’s unbelievable. So much laughter, joy and love in only this short engagement session in Risnjak national park. Being a Croatia engagement photographer, that made my job feel not like a job at all.
We took a nice little walk, kinda following a trail but actually, no. We just talked a lot, laughed even more and in the end had a very fun afternoon. The timing for the shoot was almost perfect. We kinda expected to have much more clouds so the sun was a bit of a surprise. First we looked for some shade in the thick Risnjak forest until the sun was low enough. By than they were so relaxed in front of me and my camera it was beautiful to watch and the light was becoming better and better as every minute passed by.

In the end, I must say this even though I’ve heard and read it far too many times lately. It’s amazing when you connect with your “clients” so good that after 5min spent we them, you can’t look at them like clients, they become friends. Exactly that was the case here.

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