As you already know, my name is Vladimir, and before we go on our little photo adventure together, you’d probably like to know something more about me. So, here are some bits and pieces.

Personal 101

Since the very first day my mom introduced me to a wonderful world of photography, I was immediately intrigued, later on hooked, and little by little it became my passion. Years later, here I am, truly living my passion. (You know the saying, „Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life“)

My firm belief is that you can’t be truly exceptional in your job if your personal life isn’t fulfilled. First and foremost there’s my biggest supporter, my love and my rock, my wonderful wife. She is my true partner in every sense of the word.

Since the both of us are big nature lovers, we tend to go as much as we can on hiking adventures with our beloved beagle Leia. (When I say adventures, I actually mean local „expeditions“ due to our very poor orientation skills. But we enjoy it nevertheless immensely, it’s our version of a spa day!) Speaking of hobbies, nature and passion, they’re all combined in one of my favorite activities, cycling. When I’m on my bike, I truly feel connected with nature and my surroundings, clears away all the negativities and unnecessary thoughts, and as a bonus, it keeps me in shape.

Travels are a must for me, so when the opportunity arrives, wife and I pack our bags and are on our way to seek out new places.

All that physical activity brings out thirst in a man and what’s a better way to cope with it than a cool beer? One might say I’m an ideal beer enthusiast, I see potential in every glass, there’s no pickiness. While we’re on the subject of essential liquids, coffee really makes the world go round, in my humble opinion. Literally, I’m not into sugarcoating, keeping it dark and simple as it goes. It’s my little, sacred ritual 3.4 times a day, from waking me up in the morning till the late in the afternoon, just for the pleasure.

Why weddings?

If I had nickel for every time someone asked me that question! It's actually pretty simple. When you think of it, wedding is such an emotional rollercoaster. Nervousness, excitement, happiness, joy, euphoria and above all, love. And how can an emotional sucker and junkie like me resist the temptation to capture those spontaneous moments?

Just as every couple has its unique story, I like to treat each wedding as such. Build a tale around their special day, without much interventions and fuss. Just tell it how it magically happened. And if 15 years from now, you smile ever so widely and feel the warmth in your heart just as you did that day, while looking at your wedding pictures, I did my job right.

My M.O.

If it were technically possible, my style would probably be described as „the fly on the wall“. I really believe that the best and the most honest photographic moments come when the photographer is as much invisible as it gets. The key is to create a relaxed, trustful atmosphere.

It is specifically important if you usually don’t feel super relaxed in front of a camera. In such cases, which are perfectly normal and pretty often, I subtly guide and direct you through a photo shoot.



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