swiss alps engagement

This Swiss Alps engagement session (or any other session in any other Alps to be honest) was a long time dream of mine. Finally it came true, thanks to Marta & Reto who invited me to visit them in Flims Switzerland. Even thou this was a dream come true, that doesn’t mean I don’t plan on doing it again. So many mountains to climb, so many differents paths to take, and so so many amazing people to meet, spend some time with and shoot some photos.

Now, some trivia about the area. Flims is, according to Wikipedia,  a municipality in the Imboden Region in the Swiss canton of Graubünden. The town is dominated by the Flimserstein (the big rock visible on few photos) which you can see from almost anywhere in the area.
Working with Marta & Reto, honestly didn’t feel like work at all. We walked through mud and cow poo, climbed rock, talked about a ton of different subjects and most importantly, had a great time. Can’t wait for their wedding in Zagreb in a few weeks <3

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The hardest part of being a Motovun wedding photographer is writing the text for my blog. I just can’t seem to make it look like an actual grown-up wrote it. So, once again, I asked my wonderful clients to write a few words (thank you Jana!) and describe their wedding day. Here it goes 🙂

“At first we planned our wedding to be very simple. Like we’re gonna go to registrar’s office and have a barbecue party. But no, Motovun energy did its thing. Step by step we ended with fancy outfits, church ceremony, 4 days of party and a band. And we’re glad we did. Only thing that was present from the start is that we want it to be casual, without all the formal procedures. We did it all by ourselves – planning, decorations, menu, shopping. It was the only way to do it if we want it to be like we imagined.

Traditional istrian food, local wine, craft beer and mom’s rakija, non traditional wedding music, home-made decorations and all those little things that made this wedding our own. Surprise gipsy band organized by one of the bridesmaids (thank you Brigita!) gave it that ‘final touch’ that made whole wedding  event better. Thankfully we have a bunch of amazing friends who helped us out a lot. They gave us the opportunity to really enjoy, the days after the “wedding day”especially, when we all could just relax and absorb the Motovun magic.”

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Venue:Villa Luigi & Luisa

Church: Sv. Stjepana

BBQ: Mesnica Čućković

Wedding dress: Jelena Depope Yoko

Hair style: 4 look academy

Beers: Mas plenum special beers

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