During the last few years working as a wedding photographer, I’ve collected a pretty happy bunch of  clients who shared their thoughts about how it was to work with. These kind words charge my batteries and push me to work harder every time, to be better.


Martina & Tim


There is something amazing about seeing the wedding of your dreams, with all the people that you love, come together before your eyes. But there is something even more amazing about seeing the magic materialize through photographs that represent exactly the way we felt at the time. Mudri captured every precious moment – the hugs, the kisses, the warm, simple gestures and laughter that are everything we love about our friends and family – He never missed a beat.

Jasmin & Sebastian


It was a pleasure to have Vladimir as photographer next to us this day. He is so friendly and you don´t recognize that he is the whole day around you and takes photos. It felt more like a friend than a foreign Person. We love his photos and his work. Everything was more than perfect. We have really the Impression, that his Pictures tell the true Story of our wedding. His work is a awesome memory of this special day.

Franziska & Sven


Vladimir is honestly the best photographer we could have chosen! The way he has captured each moment and the photos are more than wonderful – just perfect! On one hand, he was invisible, on the other hand it felt like he was a part of our group. We can highly recommend him, not only as a truly talented photographer but also for being such a cool, nice and down-to-earth-person.
Thank you Vladimir for making our big day even more special!

Stela & Ognjen


Our story with Mudri started with an engagement session and continued to our wedding. He was extremely helpful which made it a lot easier for both of us. When it comes to the photos, I really don’t think that you would be able to replicate the awesomeness that he managed to capture/create. Let’s just say that he didn’t live up to our expectations, but surpassed them BIG time and that we are grateful to have our story told in such a beautiful and pleasurable manner.

Danijela & Dejan


Besides that we were thrilled by the style of photographing, it turned out we shared a passion for nature and hiking with Vlado, so we chose mountains for our engagement session. Usually we are very uncomfortable in front of the cameras but with Vlado we were barely aware of camera – he is unassertive and submissive, while on the other hand always there – true professional

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