Frequntly Asked Questions

Frequntly Asked Questions



Where are you based?

I'm based in Croatia, but not limiting myself with borders.


Would you consider travelling for a wedding shoot?

Would I! I’m a huge travel enthusiast, so just name a place, and I’ll be there.


We would like to celebrate our engagement with a photo session, do you offer those?

Sure I do. Send me a message and we'll set it up in no time.


We don't feel comfortable in front of the camera, what can we do about that?

No worries, one of the reasons I started photographing was because I felt comfortable behind the camera but not in front of it. We deal with that discomfort by getting to know one another and we approach the shoot very casually and stress free.


How much time do we need to reserve for a couples session?

To be honest, that totally depends on you and how are you as a couple. Usually 30 minutes up to an hour is quite enough.


How many photos can we expect?

On average from 700 to 1000 images for a full day shoot. Of course, they’ll all be edited and in full resolution.


As much as we’d like our pictures as soon as the wedding is over, we (rationally) know there is a certain time period we have to wait for them. How long?

Usually around 4 weeks. But I make sure it’s worth the wait!


Just to make sure, do you have back up gear?

Always. Electronics can be an asshole sometimes :)


I’ve gathered all the info I needed. Vladimir, you’re my choice! How do we book you?

It’s an honour! E-mail me at [email protected] or use the contact link bellow to check if I’m available on your date. If that is true, we sign a contract, you pay a small deposit and I’m all yours.