Where are you based?

I live in Rijeka, Croatia.

Would you consider travelling for a wedding shoot?

Would I! I’m a huge travel enthusiast, so just name a place, and I’ll be there.

We would like to celebrate our engagement with a photo session, do you offer those?

Of course, it’s included in the Premium collection, but can also be booked separately.

We are not planning a wedding but would like to hire a photographer for a photo shoot, are you in?

Sure! I love those, who says you have to get engaged or married to have  a photo shoot?

We’ve never really posed together, how long does it usually take and what’s the best part of the day for the session?

From my experience, the best results come if we keep it short and fun, without much of a fuss. Lend me an hour of your time, just before sunset when the nature reveals its most magical colors.

To avoid the feeling that we’re going on „blind date“, can we meet before the actual session?

Of course, I’m all up for it. If you’re close enough we can always meet and discuss over a cup of good coffee, if not there’s always Skype.

How many photos can we expect?

On average from 700 to 1000 images for a full day shoot. Of course, they’ll all be edited and in full resolution.

The idea of a wedding book or album sounds ideally practical to us. Do you offer those?

Indeed I do, and they’re high quality. You can check out more information about them in the brochure.

As much as we’d like our pictures as soon as the wedding is over, we (rationally) know there is a certain time period we have to wait for them. How long?

Usually around 4 weeks. But I make sure it’s worth the wait!

The time has come and they’re ready to be delivered! Via?

Digital delivery via password-protected online gallery. It’s perfect for you to view the photos + you can easily share them with your friends and relatives.

What if we want hourly wedding coverage?

No problem, it’s appropriate for smaller, intimate weddings. But, my recommendation is to book a whole day, if you want to capture the whole story.

Just to make sure, do you have back up gear?


I’ve gathered all the info I needed. Vladimir, you’re my choice! How do we book you?

It’s an honour! E-mail me at [email protected] or use the contact link bellow to check if I’m available on your date. If that is true, we sign a contract, you pay a small deposit and I’m all yours.

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