~ Dubrovnik elopement ~

I’m not a morning person and mostly everybody knows that, but sometimes, it’s ok to get up before dawn. That sometimes is when you’re shooting an elopement or a session during summer season in a tourist packed city like Dubrovnik.

For Dubrovnik elopement I had to get up at around 4:30 to be in the city center. My dear couple probably even earlier to get properly dress and for the bride to put makeup on. If you ask yourself why we got up at that crazy time, let me tell you.
Dubrovnik, like any other tourist packed city gets very crowded very early, and we really wanted to avoid the crowd. Keeping that in mind, we started our shoot at 6am, or even a few minutes before that and it was still very dark. We used that time just to walk around the city, take it all in and enjoy the silence.

With first signs of light, we walked to the Ploce gate and enjoyed the perfect view of Dubrovnik port while the city light were still on. Later on, we continued our walk to the port. The light there was just perfect, super soft – just the way I like it. Morning wind was messing their hair, it was perfect.

Definitely worth getting up at 4:30 <3

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