~Rina & Igor~

When Igor, one of my best friends, started to (finally!!) plan his proposal to Rina I was super happy. Probably happier than his ‘cos he was panicking a little bit. First thing that needed to be done is finding a perfect engagement ring. He know exactly what he wanted to get for Rina and didn’t stop until he found it. Perfect simple golden ring with a white pearl.

After the shopping part, time came for the actual proposal. Since they both love snow and snowboarding, our local ski resort Platak seemed like a perfect location for this mountain proposal. They spent many days on their boards there so in Igors mind, this was the place to do it. But, how to do it? Should he take Rina for a walk in the woods, or do it at the bottom of the ski slope, or… he was freaking out a little bit 🙂 Finally, the plan was that Rina and I go for a little walk until he tries out the ski slope. We waited for him at the bottom with an excuse that I want to take a photo of him coming down the slope. The rest is history <3

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