Ireland trip

 Ireland was always on our “must visit” lists and when we got the plane tickets to Dublin as a wedding gift we literally cried happy tears. Ok, the wife cried, I was just extremely happy. We had maybe 3 days after the wedding to get ready, so the plan was that there is no plan. We’ll fly to Dublin, stay there for 3 days and see from there.

alps from a plane


1. Dublin

We spent 3 days in Dublin and that was enough for us. We tried every beer possible, visited a lot of pubs, a Guinness brewery, Trinity College, etc. Most of our time there was spent just wondering around, taking photos and making plans for the rest of our trip.

dublin streetsdublin pub decorationgirl portraitguinness brewery gatesdublin streetsdrunk man in dublin irelanddublin in the eveningband performing in dublin irelandmotorbike parked in dublin streetsgirl in dublin parkireland tour guide bookTrinity College libraryTrinity College and a womandublin riverdublin street in the night

For us, the real Ireland fun started once we left Dublin with a rented car and started putting pins on the map. We used air bnb for accommodation and it turned out to be perfect. Every one of our hosts had great advice. They told us about some “hidden” or at least not so famous locations and also, what famous locations we could maybe skip.

2. Waterford & Wexford

Nice little old towns we passed through a couple of times when visiting other locations. Our mistake here was that we visited them during a weekend so nothing was open 🙂 So, when visiting smaller towns, better do it during the working part of the week. Close to these two towns are a couple of amazing places. First on the list was Hook Head. 

hooks head viewold car near hooks head in irelandgirl in front of hooks head lighthouse in irelandcouple kiss in hooks headdry port in irelandempty lobster cagesgirl sitting on the edge of a cliff in irelandirish cowsgirl jump on a cliff edge in irelandcliff diving in ireland

The second one is Curracloe beach. Super long sandy beach. In Croatia we don’t have many of those so it was a unique sight for us.

curracloe beachcurracloe beach camp sitecurracloe beach tourist

After this area, we went to Cork. One of the biggest cities in Ireland. Lot’s of great places to eat, drink and party, but like in Dublin, that is not why we came to Ireland so we moved on pretty quickly to our next destination.

3. Glengarriff

This was actually only our bnb location, the town is not something very worth visiting except one pub which was amazing. Just a little touristic place with a few shops and restaurants, but it’s a good starting point for our little trips to Sheep’s Head & Beara peninsula. Everything we read about Ireland said we need to go to the Ring of Kerry, but our bnb host told us to skip it and just do the Beara peninsula. We have no idea if he was right, but the Beara was amazing. On the Lamb’s head is a big cable car taking you to the Dursey island and that looked amazing. We didn’t really had the time to wait for the cable car (it was a little crowded) so we did a nice little hike instead 🙂

bear peninsulagirl on bear peninsulabear peninsula view

Our host also mentioned the Healy pass. As all in Ireland, it was amazing and for the first time, we had the opportunity to experience genuine Irish weather. Fantastic road for a drive, but also, I imagine it would be great for cycling 🙂

healy pass viewhealy pass roadhealy pass waterfallhealy pass sheeps on the roadhealy pass view rain coming

That was quite enough for one day so we went for a beer and sleep 🙂 The next day was reserved for Sheep’s head.

sheep's head signsheep's on sheep's headsheep's head lighthousestonegirl touching stonebig rock on sheep's head

From here on we mostly followed the Wild Atlantic Way up to Galway with a mandatory stop at the Killarney national park and Cliffs of Moher.

girl posing at the ladies viewthe ladies view in irelandthe ladies view in ireland tripirish beachbeach in irelandman with a kite in irish beachthe burren waygirl at cliffs of mohercliffs of moher in irelandcliffs of moher viewthrough the gates

4. Galway

The next day it was time to move on to Galway and the plan there was to spend most of our time in Connemara. Our plan backfired a little bit and we took waaaay to little time for Connemara and ended up with just a one day visit :/ So, this and not visiting Aran Island we consider our mistakes but also the reasons to come back again 🙂

dunbrody abbeymine in irelandgirl minergirl in the mine in irelandirish sunsetgalway portpeople of galwayyoug people gathering in galwayglaway man reading a book

And from here, we headed back to Dublin to return the car, have a few pints with a couple of friends and than back to Croatia.


THE MAP (google version)

ireland trip


Car rent: Europcar Dublin (quite expensive, would suggest booking early for better price)

Accommodation: Airbnb, some super pricey hostel close to Dublin centre & Jelena and Aki’s place close to Dublin <3