~Marina & Igor~

Igor and Rina, a couple of hikers,  are here to prove that you don’t necessarily need to be engaged or getting married to hire a photographer and have your pictures taken 🙂 My dear wise and I decided to hike up out favorite mountain and invited I&R to join. Perfect opportunity for a hiking session or a couple shoot on Hahlici mountain.  This little mountain is located about 15km from Rijeka centre, of course, in Croatia.

This hike wouldn’t be a proper hike without out dogs, so we took Leia and Tia with us. While we were up there, chilling and having a beer, I decided it was a good moment to surprise I&R with a 15min casual forest couple shoot. One of best ideas I ever had. They are so photogenic and natural in front of the camera, not afraid to show their affection and love towards each other.

I hope soon we’ll be making their engagement photo shoot…

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