~The Brent’s~

This little family session adventure started with one short email. Austin (aka the Dad) was looking for a photographer in Croatia who would take a few nice photos of his pregnant wife Biz and their two amazing kids. Eventually, he found me, told me a little bit more about his plans and that was it.

Few days later we met at Klimno, a super small village on Krk island Croatia, where they booked a place on the beach, just to relax for a few days. After the meet, we went to Dobrec, an old town on top of a little hill with quite a nice view over the whole area. There we made some photos and lot’s of fun with the kids. They figured out that I’m not really as adult as I look like so we become friends instantly.
When the sun came down a little bit, we moved to Mirine, an old roman town to get some more photos. That turned out great, both the adults and the kids loved the spot. For me, the light was just right and my clients were amazing. Very relaxed and easygoing, everything a photographer can wish for at a family session.

In the end, we came up with some nice photos and I got myself 4 (soon to be 5) lovely american friends <3

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