~Iva & Sanjin~

Ideally, your Brijuni engagement photo shoot would take place on a sunny, clear blue sky like day. The thing is, mother nature doesn’t really care about your wishes, and you will have to make the most of it no matter the weather conditions. But if you recall memorable, classic romantic movie scenes, what do most of them have in common? Heavy, never ending, shower-like pouring rain. As if it somehow heightens the dramatic emotions of the loving couple.

Even though rain wasn’t originally in „the script“, Iva and Sanjin became the stars of their own cinematic, romantic story for the ages which took place on the mesmerizing Brijuni islands. Despite the conditions, we were feeling little adventurous so we rented out bikes. One cannot put into words the breathtaking beauty of Brijuni’s nature and wildlife, it simply must be experienced. A perfect scenery for capturing the sentiment of this loving couple. Kastrum, with its amazing finds from the period of Roman Republic and Empire, proved to be the most photogenic location, so we spent most of the session there.

Later on, the weather got even worse, with no intention of giving us a time-out. Well, when life gives you lemons…! Our „lemonade“ turned out to be perhaps one of the tenderest, inspirational moments of the photo shoot, with Iva and Sanjin holding each other under the trees. Despite our adventurous nature, we weren’t quite keen on catching a pneumonia, so we decided calling it a wrap on this unforgettable Brijuni engagement photo shoot.

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Location: Brijuni National Park