Hey there folks!


the how and the why

My Modus Operandi

My goal is to capture emotions into photographs so you can relive it each time you’re looking through the photo gallery or your wedding book.
Therefore, my approach is to be as invisible as possible to capture those spontaneous and raw moments which you’ll want to have forever documented. I don’t talk much and am never the centre of attention.
That being said, I have to mention that some photographs are „staged“ (family portraits i.e.) but I do my best to create a positive atmosphere so even that part
doesn’t have to be a pain in the butt.

vladimir mudrovcic

what i do when i'm not shooting weddings

Personal 101

My firm belief is that you can’t be truly exceptional in your job if your personal life isn’t fulfilled. First and foremost there’s my biggest supporter, my wonderful wife. She is my true partner in every sense of the word.
Not so long ago, we were lucky enough to get the best baby ever and we named him Pavel and he instantly became our no.1 person <3

Both of us are big nature lovers, we tend to go as much as we can on hiking adventures with our beloved beagle Leia. (When I say adventures, I actually mean local „expeditions“ due to our very poor orientation skills) Speaking of hobbies, nature and passion, they’re all combined in one of my favorite activities, cycling. When I’m on my bike, I truly feel connected with nature and my surroundings, it clears away all the negativities and unnecessary thoughts, and as a bonus, it keeps me in shape.

Travels are a must for me, so when the opportunity arrives, we pack our bags and are on our way to seek out new places and adventures. Bellow this you'll find a list of my dream destinations.

vladimir mudrovcic

oh the places we'll go

Destination TO-DO bucket list

Live in New York for a few months, cycle around Iceland, sleep in an igloo on Greenland, go fishing in Alaska, visit grunge clubs in Seattle (Singles style), cycle all the famous Italian Alps passes, shoot a wedding in Morocco, go to a Mumford and Suns concert in London, hike in Nepal, ...